How to lose weight fast at home – Science based remedies

How to lose weight fast without exercise

Have you been wondering of late regarding how to lose weight fast? If yes, is your answer, then you are at the right platform where I will be helping you with the detailed post about many things such as the best way to lose weight from stomach or how to lose weight fast without exercise.

So, stay tuned and be glued to the post for complete answers to above:-

Simple steps which are based on science to lose 10 pounds fast

Although the online world is full of enticing headlines and captivating taglines such as how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks and how to lose weight fast naturally, yet most of them will make you disheartened, unsatisfied and hungry. Yes, it seems that worse is yet to come, as in the event when you don’t have sufficient determination, then you soon chose to give up, in the middle, out of nowhere as your constant HUNGRY MODE will soon overpower your instinct. Likewise, you also need to understand, that people with chubby or bulky faces need to know how to lose face fat fast at home naturally

Quite like what I have seen for people who besides being obese also want to gain height and for them I would also recommend to check my detailed answer

So, you are nowhere. Initially, you started with a high dose of motivational energy and all those positive vibes, where in the initial stages, you really put in so much of efforts, but soon those “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” METHODS AND “TOO CAPTIVATING METHODS” fail to prove its worth to you, and you are like OH MY GOD”.

Hence, as an experienced to the plan above, I am proud to announce a systematic plan of how to lose weight in 10 days in a natural manner:-

Best way to lose weight fast from stomach

Let’s get in the basics of what the plan is all about:-

• The plan will create a slow mechanism where you quest of being hungry will be slowly and timely be increased, that means, you will get in the comfort zone, where you would naturally feel a reduced apetite without any urge.
• Your journey to lose 10 pounds fast will be significant easier, as you won’t even realize the urge to munch things and that clearly addresses the most pertinent and basis query of how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks naturally without hunger.

• What I have found with others, they report of slow or weak metabolism while being in the process of losing weight fast, well none of such thing will happen, as such weight loss tips, will improve your metabolic health along the way as well.

Now, let’s divulge my secret plans of to how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

Have loads of vegetables, protein and fat

I don’t doubt on the fact that you are fully determined of how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks and the most pertinent blunder which people make, is not having a complete meal. Yes, WITH COMPLETE MEAL, I mean that it should have protein, low carb vegetables along with source of fat.

If you adopt such a basic step, then I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THAT YOUR QUEST OF how to lose weight fast without exercise will get a boost. I won’t deny the important of exercises, but that will surely be an additional benefit and that you would do as well, for losing weight fast. Now, considering such a state, you will gradually notice a reduced carb in your body as you will follow in line with the recommended intake which is 20-255 grams on daily

How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

So, let’s quickly help you in line with your desire and aim of how to lose weight fast naturally by listing down the SOURCES OF PROTEIN

Protein Sources
Fish and Seafood – Lobsters, salmon, trout, shrimps, etc.
Meat – Chicken, beef

The diet which has high intake of proteins has obviously such a soothing and calm effect, which reduces your cravings by whopping 60%. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Yes, that simply reduces approx 441 calories on daily basis. All of this happens, when you increase the intake of proteins to complete your main wish and desire of how to lose weight fast naturally. Yes, LOSING WIEGHT ISN’T EQUIVALENT TO WAR, YOU NEED TO DEVISE WAYS FOR A MORE SECURED, SAFER, TIMELY, SMART AND INTELLIGENT MECHANISM.

Well, that is such an OVERLOOK MECHANISM which we haven’t been paying any attention uptill now, but anyways, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

Now, in your journey of how to lose weight fast naturally, let’s list down the low-carb Vegetables

• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Swiss Chard
• Lettuce
• Spinach
• Cucumber
• Asparagus
• Celery
• Brussels Sprouts
• Broccoli
• Cabbage
• Kale
• Bell Peppers

Remember:- Motivation is highly important right from beginning till end, and you need to keep in mind, that this is where many fail. Therefore, simply recharge, refresh and rejuvenate yourself constantly, with how to lose weight in 10 days or how to lose weight fast without exercises. Yes, such things will drastically up the quotient of your inner self, and WILL MAITNAIN THE LEVEL OF ZEAL AND ENTHUSIASM NEEDED TO lose weight quickly too.

Therefore, the best way to lose weight from stomach is to make your plate full of low-carb vegetables and you can actually taste their delicacies without being concerned, bothered or having anxiety of “Will I be crossing 25 carbs intake on daily basis? Well, you won’t be crossing the same for sure. Isn’t it great?

If you have the intake of a diet which is sufficiently prove as the best way to lose weight from stomach then I need to tell you from my own experience, one thing.

SEE, THE DIET WHICH IS CENTERED OR BASED ON MEAT AND VEGETABLES IS THE BEST BET OR IN OTHER WORDS IS THE IDEAL ONE, as it considers vitamins, fibers and minerals which are highly needed for your body (to be in a healthy state and to remain fit and fine)

How to lose weight fast naturally

Now, without wasting your time, let’s quickly list down the SOURCES OF FAT, AS PART OF ADDRESSING THE BASIC QUERY OF how to lose weight fast without exercises
Sources from which you can draw fat are as follows:-

• Avocado oil
• Butter
• Olive oil
• Coconut oil
• Tallow

Make a habit of taking 2-3 meals and in the event of more cravings, add another one. (Yes, there is no problem in adding 4th meal to it)

ANOTHER DEADLY MISTAKE WHICH PEOPLE MAKE IS BEING TOO HARSH ON THEIR BODY. Yes, they want to switch over to low-fat while working low-carb. Well, ensuring too much which your body can’t handle is a trait of failure as you will mentally exhausted in a short span with no interest to continue further. Hence, I am saying and again, that in your quest of how to lose weight fast without exercises, you need to chose things systematically.

The best cooking oil which I want to recommend is COCONUT OIL. Yes, it is rich in fats which is referred as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). The quality possessed by the fat is that, it is more fulfilling with respect to others which slightly work towards boosting your much needed metabolism.

So, in order to put an end to your “misconception related with such “natural fats”, well you don’t have to worry, as the studies have proven that saturated fat doesn’t in any manner, raise the level of heart disease in any way

Lose 10 pounds fast

Reduce the intake of Starches and Sugars

Do you know that in your endeavor of working towards the best way to lose weight from stomach, you UNKNOWWINGLY have the intake of sugars and starches at an excessive level. Well, these foods result in the secretion of insulin which is referred as the hormone responsible for storing fat in the body. SCARY, ISN’T IT?!!!!!!!

Benefits of lowering down insulin in your quest to lose 10 pounds fast

So, as part of your aim of how to lose weight fast without exercises, you need to DOWN THE LEVEL OF insulin, as without insulin, fat doesn’t store and as much to your pleasant happiness, your body starts to burn fat, much to your happiness.

Another benefit lies with regards to how to lose weight fast without exercises is that as the insulin is lowered, your kidney sheds excess water and sodium out of the body. Yes, this exercises prevents the body to become pulpy (over a period of time ofcourse) by reducing unnecessary water
It is not unique or uncommon to lose 10 pounds fast in the first week itself with the aforesaid method right as you start from following, from the first day itself.

Lift weight 3 times per week

By now, you know that you are slowly progressing on your journey of how to lose weight fast naturally, and in order to make this work further, it is advised to exercise to lose weight.

If you can go to gym for 3-4 times a week by doing light exercises such as warm up, lift weights or stretch, then it will be an added benefit.

Take the help of trainer, if you want guidance

Do you know why I want you to lift weights?

Well, it by far proves to be the best way to lose weight from stomach as well as from different parts of body as you burn calories which actually prevents your metabolism from slowing down. Yes, LET’S NOT FORGET, THAT YOUR METABOLISM SHOULDN’T BE SLOWED DOWN. MORE IT IS, EVEN BETTER.

There is a good news for all the handsome hunks out there. Yes, all of you are quite fond of making biceps, now, through these exercises; you will equally make muscles, while losing a big amount of body fat. Time for your guys to look MACHO AND HEALTHY HUNK AS WELL. ISN’T IT GREAT??

Well, exercise aren’t compulsory(if you have issues doing them) and still, and I have an alternate method for addressing your related question of how to lose weight fast without exercise. Well, simply take out time for doing cardio workouts, such as jogging, running, walking and even swimming. Yes, believe me, YOU WILL SURELY THANK ME LATER FOR SUGGESTING TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST. People with double chin, need to resort to few specific exercise, and you can know the best ways of losing face fat fast too.

Tips to remember regarding the intake of calories

As long as you are religiously working on your aim of how to lose weight in 10 days or very fast, and has already put the level of carbs to be low by sticking with protein, fat and low-carb vegetables, then there isn’t a problem. Well, a great personality consists of a perfect body, along with great height. So, it is important to know the best ways of how to increase height fast in 1 week. Since, obviously, you are looking to ensure an awesome personality and the moment you are able to attain the same, then it speaks volumes about your confidence as well. So, what are you waiting for?

How to increase height after 18 – Science based workouts (with images)

How to increase height after 18 or 21 naturally with exercises

How to increase height by yoga? Or how to increase height naturally or even how to increase height after 18, 21 or 25 well, that’s been million dollar queries not just being searched online, but also asked to experts/acquaintances.

Yes, height increase exercises when followed diligently have their own worth and systematically creates an awesome scenario. Usually, in our endeavour of increase height quickly, we don’t realise, that obesity has its own hurdles. Hence, it is imperative to know how to lose weight fast at home. Since, there are remedial measures which due to their natural characteristics have far greater significance. So, if you want to know weight-loss methods with lemon, then that relates to additional benefit in checking the growing weight as well.  Similarly, we should inculcate the habit of possessing lots of patience, as our height has certain limitations, once the internal bones stops growing. Yes, as we know, that there is a limit to the growth of bones. Boys experience an increase height quickly during their peak growth time, which is 13-14 years, while for girls, it is slightly lower at 11-12 years.
Now, with regards to how to increase height naturally, you need to understand, that a big aspect of growth lies towards doing certain practical tips such as stretching your spine which helps to improve your posture. Especially, as we can’t make our bones grow through exercise, so the only smart decision and step is to enhance the overall body posture with an enhanced flexible spine.

As part of how to increase height naturally, such a medium can fetch you maximum height which will give others a taller view. Likewise, if you have a bulky face, then you should know how to lose face fat fast in a week for the obvious reason, that your core agenda of increasing height is to have an awesome personality which will get its boost by having a presentable face as well.

Now, let’s quickly get back down to how to increase height naturally tips:-


So, how does Yoga and Pilates actually work?
Well, through stretches, they create a longer and learner look and lengthening the back and neck muscles while loosening the chest muscles at the same time.

  1. Exercise with Mountain Pose namely Tadasana

A mountain pose is the one which has got its similarity with that of a mountain’s image. While standing erect, your spine needs to be stretched and that can be done as you hold yourself with your chest wide open. It is important to remove any sort of stiffness as it is an important exercise with regards to how to increase height by yoga. The more you will be in a relaxed state, better it is going to be for you. Make sure you are comfortable at the parts of your shoulder and balance them. Yes, they should neither droop or lean backwards. Hence, maintaining a “tall posture” while standing creates a marked difference in your height over a period of time.

In case your obesity doesn’t permit you to stand for long, then you need to also read the following post

Home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise – Get flat stomach guaranteed

How to increase height by Yoga

How to perform Tadasana
• Stand strait by maintaining a little gap between feet
• Take a deep breath and raise your arms up
• Now, interlock your fingers high above itself with the erect hands
• Now, slowly bend down right all the way to your toes without disturbing your (interlinked) position and raise your heels along the way


2. Pelvic Shift Exercise 

Such an exercise directly creates a growth mechanism by stretching the muscle right on the areas of abdomen, spine, thigh and calf muscles which naturally work towards enhancing your height as well.

How to do Pelvic Shift Exercise
• Lie on your back side flat on ground with your knees bent with your hands relaxed on either side (as depicted in the image 1)
• Now, take charge of those relaxed hands and exert pressure of your body to rise up
• You naturally feel strain and pressure on your pelvic and leg muscles
• It creates a stretched body right down the pelvic and spinal cord by practicing you to hold the spinalcord erect.


3. Cobra stretch exercise

This exercise targets your shoulder, spine as well as neck muscles by making them comfortable and removes stress and in this way, they are strengthened as well. Well, you are surely going to get the answer to your basic query of how to increase height by yoga, Since, it helps to strengthen as well as lengthen the upper body where you will yourself experience few inches growth too.

How to do Cobra stretch exercise
• Position your hands palm below your shoulder right on the ground
• Straighten your hands and lift your chest up
• Straighten and lengthen your abdominal


4. Triangle Pose Exercise

The exercise helps to stretch and strengthen hamstring, spine, groin, calves and hips area.

How to perform the exercise?
• Well, stand in the way where the distance of your feet be 4 feets.
• Make your right foot in a 90 degrees angle while turn your left one in 15 degrees.
• Bend yourself to right from hips by touching right ankle from your right hand while straighten your left hand in the air.
• Let be straight and firm from both the hands.
• Perform this exercise for 30-35 seconds and repeat the process again.


5. Kicking Exercise – Height increase exercises

Before you dwelve deep in doing the following exercise as part of how to increase height naturally, remember, to take an instructor’s assistance.
How to do Kicking Exercise

• Start with initial short kicks and soon make them longer and higher (only upon understanding the technicalities). It is suggested by experts, that you need to equally warm up before, resorting to this exercise for avoiding muscle issues.

• Make sure that you have full control on your body while you do kicks


6. Skipping Exercise

Girls love and so do boys as well. Now, with regards to your main aim of how to increase height naturally, resort to this high-intensity workout to stretch muscles and ligament of your body.

How to do Skipping Exercise

• Stand erect with your feet apart running in line with your shoulders with a rope on both hands
• In line with the mechanism of the digit eight, move your body from right shoulders to left hip and then from left shoulder to right hip
• While you skip or jump, do shift your weight from right to left foot as part of the beauty of this exercise, while makes you energetic, fresh and awesome


7. Table stretch exercise

How to do Table Stretch Exercise

  • Sit with straight legs as wide as you can possibly do
  • Your hands to be placed neat the buttocks
  • Slowly but steadily move your head backward, again, as much as you can do in your capacity
  • Maintain the straightness and firmness of your hands and lift your butt along with the knees in such a fashion that your whole leg (your thights and torso remain in line with the ground) runs parallel to the ground.
  • The position of your hands and shin will be as such , that they will be perpendicular to the surface, giving the impression of at table
  • Hold on such a position for 15-20 minutes and repeat again


8. “After-Shower” Exercise

Just while you are done taking shower, stretch yourself, as your muscles are warm utilize this opportunity to walk for 5-6 minutes and shake arms and legs to release any sort off stiffness or tensions so that they may losen up and you may feel more comfortable.
How to perform “After-Shower” Exercise
• Raise your one hand above and aim for reaching the sky and stretch your whole one side of the body, as maximum as you possibly can, right from your toes.
• Repeat the same for the other side of body and perform exactly 4-5 times


9. Ensure home exercise

With the rising and advancing age, especially after adolescence, chances to become taller has its own peculiarities, however, exercises in the form of Yoga and Pilates have come as a boon which really creates a taller impression by improving your posture.

Resort to a home exercise where you take due help through Yoga. Yes, your primary aim should be to strengthen your spine and limbs so that your body gets due alignment. One of the easiest how to increase height after 18, 21, or 25 tips is to start developing the habit of standing erect and maintain a “strain-free” shoulder area. Yes, it should be relaxed and you need to feel comfortable from the sides, as it work wonders.


10. Make use of certified Yoga Instructor

Reaching out to an experienced and certified istructoor may well help you get the solution for your query how to increase height after 30 tips.
You need to know that most of us in our quest, aim and desire to lose weight fast resort to supplements, or doing chin up exercises (by hanging) little realizing that there is no scientific evidence of the same.



A word of caution

  1. Refrain from doing this exercise, if you are a beginner as it has to be performed under the supervision of an expert for preventing any injury. As part of how to increase height before 18, this method proves to be quite a beneficial, noteworthy and healthy one for ensuring height gain. You can perform the exercise, by sitting on floor and stretching your legs.
  2. Don’t ever think of resorting to painful, experiencing and unhealthy surgery to create your bones stronger. Yes, you will end up losing both your priceless health as well as money with no looking back or time to remorse.

Exercises alone won’t be sufficient to address your basic query of how to increase your height after 18, 21 or 25, following are the recommended foods which you need to have:-
• Soyabean
• Egg
• Chicken
• Banana
• Dairy Products (such as milk and cake)
• Leafy Green vegetables
• Oatmeal
• Nuts and Seeds
• Fish
• Ashwagandha


Tip to Adhere
It is highly important to perform the aforesaid exercise on a non-slipper mat or carpet. Avoid wearing socks which may enhance your chance of slipping and cause injury hence forth. In the initial stages, when you encounter, problems or difficulty balancing yourself, then take the help of a support of a strong surface. Yes, avoid taking the support of hinges etc which may well come out due to your body force.

Final thoughts

Finally, a great personality is worth the million. People with good heights naturally have greater level of confidence, provided that they don’t have a plus size body. So, if you are overweight, then you shouldn’t wait to know how to lose weight fast without naturally, as the detailed post will assist you in knowing the best solutions, to lose weight easily. It has been seen on may different occasions, that even if the person has lost weight fast from the body, but when it comes to doing the same from the face, then they face problems. Well, in that case, you should know how to get rid of chubby cheeks naturally .The post has been explained with detailed answer to help you get started right way. Yes, you will be able to make a pleasant difference in your personality with the most exotic face in town for sure.