20 lemon benefits to lose weight without doing exercise

Do you know that lemon water acts as a detoxifying agent to cleanse stomach?


Amongst the ways of how to lose weight fast at home,  the lemon recipe is greatly searched. Now, let’s find out, how much lemon juice for weight-loss

If we visualize, that taste of lemon,  I can relate to its tangy flavor.  It is synonymous with series of benefits, so let’s take a look in detail. Yes, I am sure after taking a look at them, you will be able to create optimum betterment for yourself along with your face too. Since, being the most obvious and prominent part of the body, you also want to know the home remedies to lose face fat fast in a week. Isn’t it?

Before moving forward it is important to know what lemon water is

Lemon water in the droplets of lemon mixed in water and the solution is referred as Lemon water.

Lemon water also acts as if P hydrating Agent

You can also sweeten the solution, but it depends on your preference.


How lemon water is useful? let’s take a look in detail

Flavonoids which is pigment found in plants is present in lemon water  known to work  specifically as an antioxidant

Vitamin C  and potassium   is also present in lemon which helps to lower high blood pressure.  It is necessary for people who have been suffering from heart diseases and have a stroke issues.  According to a study, it has been found that the disease   lessons  the chance of having heart attacks by almost 30%


Benefits of Lemon Water

Reduces weight

If you start drinking lemon water in the morning on daily basis then I can assure you that you will find a pleasant change in yourself.  Here it is important to drink Lemon water on empty stomach.  It’s very easy to squeeze 1 lemon in one cup of water. After all, not just your skin glows, but you tend to start losing weight and naturally as your body sheds extra pounds, you feel light from within.

It has been found that Lemon water solution maintains the flow  of digestion.   Here it is important to tell  you,  that for maximizing the absorption of nutrients, the digestion process should be somewhat slow.

Your liver is cleansed

If you ask me about the best way to detoxify one self, then I have to say that water becomes an essential ingredient for the same. We have seen people in our health practitioners recommend to have lots of water

Lemon water enhances the function of liver for greater productivity

We may have our friends who feel the urge to have eatables every now and then. So this  craving is better minimized as well as you effectively deal with detoxifying your body too.

The functioning of our body is due to the optimum use of immune system.  Lemon water is known as an ideal source of vitamin C  which strengthens immune system

Also we may be experiencing wrinkles due to ageing and can start having lemon water since, radicals which are responsible for creating a dull, older, depressing or wrinkled look is neutralized with lemon water.


Do you know that lemon contains as many as 187%  of essential ingredients of Vitamin C?

The regular intake of lemon juice also minimizes the exhaustion  so if we have been suffering from tiredness and illness that can be converted into freshness.


Your skin starts to glow

Those who regularly drink lemon juice have their mouth glowing and have butter like skin. Yes it is possible because not only your blemishes and wrinkles will go away but any type of ageing in spots and scars which has been depressing you, will go away for once and for all

During weight loss that toning of his skin is very important and it effectively maintaining that as well. Your personality gets a thumbs-up and it further helps, if you have an awesome height, something, people like you feel proud. There are detailed tips of how to increase height at 18. Have a look at feel blessed to have got tips right from experts.


What is the right way to make lemon water?

It is recommended to make lemon water at home and those who buy from market shouldn’t do,  because they don’t have any nutritional value  and only have Chemicals and preservatives

You can squeeze lemon pour them in an ice cube tray and freeze them.  The ice cubes can be used in water and it can be called as lemon water juice.

There are other refreshing lemon water methods for which you would love to have for maintaining a healthy and beautiful life

Lemon​ ​Water with cucumber


Cucumber Lemon Water being a hydrating agent also acts as a refreshing delicious drink which makes you refreshing right through the times while you sip at different times of the day


  • Cut 1/2 Lemon which should be thinly sliced
  • Cut 1/4 Cucumber should be thinly sliced and save 2 slices to place on your eyes later
  • Ice
  • Water

How to prepare – Instructions – Ready in less than 5 minutes


Have a bowl

Add cucumber and lemon followed by ice and water

Place it in the fridge for few minutes

Now, pour it in a glass to be served

Its refreshing taste will water your mouth. As the water remains at ¼ level,add more water and then repeat the same procedure. Such as place in the fridge for few more minutes (like the way you have done before), you are again ready to have this refreshing drink.

How much lemon and honey for weight loss
Honey ​Lemon​ ​Water​ ​

  • Seasonal diseases can now be effectively dealt if you mix Honey in lemon water
  • In a warm solution of lemon water, mix honey and let it cool for a while.  The water should be warm enough  so that honey can be mixed easily

The benefits of lemon water mixed with cucumber are many.  Not only it increases the taste but also health benefits.  Cucumber has potassium which maintains blood pressure.

Cucumber also removes puffiness


Hot​ ​Lemon​ ​Water​ ​with​ ​Mint

Adding mint to lemon water removes sickness and makes you fresh and rejuvenated every single day

How to prepare – Instructions  – Ready in less than 5 minutes


  • One lemon juice
  • Jar
  • 2 quarts water
  • 2 lemons which are thinly sliced
  • Some sprigs of mint
  • Ice cubes

Make sure that you place all the above mentioned ingredients in a jar and then cool them in a fridge for few minutes. Yes, this is an exercise, which is mostly done to get the taste of flavors. Yes, as you take out the chilled jar, that refreshing drink is going to create quite a pleasant stir while you can’t hold yourself, than you enjoy with your friends. Isn’t it?


Combine all ingredients and and place in fridge for a bit to allow flavors to infuse.

Once pitcher is chilled, serve to friends and enjoy!

Lemon​ ​Ginger​ ​Water

If you are looking for a unique and interesting recipe then it has to be lemon ginger water.  It also gives you greater mechanism of metabolism


  • Ginger root approx 35 g
  • 4 cups of water
  • I lemon

How to prepare – Instructions – Ready in less than 5 minutes

Wash and peel ginger, slice it and then place it in a jar filled with water and then put it in the fridge for overnight.

Then, in the next morning pour the solution in a vessel to heat it mildly. Now, squeeze lemon in the solution and drink it in an empty stomach  before breakfast.


Final thoughts

By reading the post  we come to the conclusion that having healthy diet with home based practises is so easy and yet so effective and healthy for our body. We have seen multiple benefits of lemon which is quite a prominent source of the detox.  Considering the wide range of benefits associated with lemon it is no one there that lots of people have already included them in their daily life. So, what are you waiting for?

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