Are you looking to buy or sell online for free in India? If yes is your answer, there read the following post:- However, before moving forward, I would like to give you a gist about the extreme boom which the classified sites in India has created of late. One of the free classified sites in India is OLX with the famous tag line (Sab Kuch Bikta Hai) Everything sells. Now, I am coming back to the most important and basic question, how to sell anything to anyone for free? Well, OLX stands true to its tag line where you can start buying and selling online free. So what if you are switching your home and is in the dire need to sell your puppies owing to the fact that you can’t possibly continue to be with them for long, then you can start selling even puppies online for free. The reason why I have started the post by giving the most unusual example is to show how true and real; they practically follow and implement their tag line.

How can I buy or sell online for free?

You don’t need to think twice while selling anything, just anything. So, what if you have made a uniform which you think you don’t need any more; you can start selling clothes online free too. Since, thanks to the proximity of this free online classified site, which works on local level, you can always find the possibility of the person from your city, or locality to be buying the thing which you are selling. OLX is a 100% free classified site where as you register, you can see long list of ads related with car, bikes etc. So, if you want to sell are online free, then you can simply upload the picture and you will potentially get the reply from the prospective buyers in the shortest minimum time. OLX helps in accomplishing thousands of deals on daily basis on local level and if you haven’t register in one of the top India’s free classified sites, then you are actually missing a lot. so, register and establish transactions for free. Isn’t it great?

How to register on

It is easy. As you browse site, you will get the option “Submit your ad for free” in the top right corner of the home page. Thereby, in the second step, you will be directed to the list of categories. On choosing the required one, you need to fill the following details:-
•    Ad title
•    Photo(s)
•    Description of the free ad which you are posting
Your information (As a seller)
•    You need to choose between the option whether you are an individual or a business entity
•    Contact name
•    Email
•    Phone Number
•    State
•    After filling the required information, you just need to hit the publish button.

Now, your ad will be live in few minutes or few hours. Isn’t it great?

Buy and Sell anything online on

Since, being one of the best classified sites in the world, OLX has eased the lives of people everywhere. The popularity of OLX actually lies in the way it has created its own space right on the local areas. So, what if you live in any part of the world, chances are that you can simple register yourself with OLX and can get detailed options to buy or sell after choosing your own city. That clearly means, as a buyer or seller, you get host of advantages which are as follows:-

•    You don’t have to incur anything on the transportation, since both of you are local to each other
•    You  save time since in today’s era most of us don’t have enough time
•    Both buyer and seller meet in person. Therefore, they easily verify the products and remove any possibility of scams as well.

•    Online classified sites free gives a platform for buyer and seller to meet directly, thus it removes the middle man’s profit which usually otherwise, increases the rate manifolds.
Hence, if you want to sell stuff online, you know the perfect place which has become a perfect platform for buy sell everything.

Selling stuff online for free

OLX  has undoubtedly gathered massive popularity where you can sell used things profitably. Hence, amongst the list of free online classified sites, OLX tops the chart. If your skills lies in capturing awesome and exotic photos and want to earn money from the same, then you can simply start making money online with OLX as here you can sell photos for free. Similarly, if you want to sell arts online, then OLX is there for your needs too. Hence, now you would have got the answer to the basic question, “How to sell online”

Buy or Sell land for free

In today’s world, the real estate industry is in the boom like never before and OLX has proved to be a great way to post your property free. Since, by posting in this Indian free classified site, you can sell house online free. Similarly, if you want to buy a house for yourself in any city, just register yourself and you can buy homes/house. OLX certainly tops the list of the 10 great places to sell your stuff online since its popularity isn’t limited to any specific city.

Buy and Sell Online in India

I do come across many questions where people usually want to know questions regarding how to buy or sell things for free. People usually have queries like:-

•    •         Where can I sell stuff online for free without a charge for selling it online?
•    How to sell things online?
All I say to them is to register on and feel free to do transactions in the easiest possible manner. OLX is the safest possible scam free site since you directly meet the buyer which ends the possibility of any sort of doubt as well. Isn’t it great? Final thoughts In short, after reading the aforesaid article I can clearly say that one can buy or sell everything. Now, you don’t have to think twice in order to post free ads India since OLX is giving the luxury to various Indians to make a name for themselves. Hence, it feels great to buy and sell with India’s first free classified site. Now, you can sell your old things before you buy new ones. So, finally come and be a part of happy and satisfied ever increasing happy OLX family. Isn’t it? So, register yourself and experience the difference which even words can’t explain

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