How to lose face fat fast in a week – 10 strategies for home


How to face fat fast in a week – Let’s read further

Face is by far the most obvious, reflective and prominent part of the body which gets the quickest of attentive views. Your chubby or baby face may have the direct relation to how people treat you who may regard you as “cute” but not “authoritative” or “strong”.  Due to the same, you may be surprised to know that queries like how to lose face fat fast in a week, is one of the most searched ones, which follows soon with how to reduce fat by using lemon without doing exercises.

Stay tight towards reading the post where I will be telling you various ways of how to reduce face fat home remedies. Yes, towards attaining a perfect face, you don’t have to purchase those expensive products or undergo rigorous training from experienced trainers. These easy to do how to reduce face fat naturally exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere, much to your comfort. Likewise, a perfect face along with a perfect body can do wonders. So, check the post, if you want to know how to lose weight fast at home.

Yes, such online searches are the result of the high degree of importance BEING ATTACHED WITH the overall structure of your face where the most ideal, charismatic, good looking and awesome face is the one which has the perfect “jawline” along with “high cheekbones”.

Yes, the structure of a face is highly important not just for enhancing the overall appearance of a body, but also to create a confident and attentive look.

In such a fast competitive world, where PLEASING PERSONALITY ALWAYS HAVE AN EDGE, the importance of having A PERFECT FACE IN SHAPE has been way ahead than the rest. Similarly, HEIGHT plays an important tole too. So, do check the post if you want to know how to increase height after 18, 21. Yes, aren’t we more attentive to a charismatic personality which carries on well?

Yes, we do. Be it corporate, health or government sector, a confident personality is the one which has got its own charm, to say the least. Let’s take a look at the basic query being searched namely, how to lose face fat fast in a week

It is no wonder, that your colleagues in office or your seniors in hospitals really carry themselves well and attain the perfect facial expressions.

So, how they have achieved the same?

How to reduce face fat naturally

Well, they have undergone proper and thorough facial exercises by constantly sticking with a healthy diet plan. So, let’s address your basic concern of how to lose face fat fast in a week

1. Chin Lift exercise

Your high motivational state of mind is certainly needed, as you are working towards addressing your basic query how to reduce face fat naturally. You need to shed the image of your baby face, by the time you reach in your late 20s or else with the advance age, your quest of shedding that “CHUBBY-BABY” image, may gain more significance and significantly cast its shadow in your both professional and personal life.

Your chin needs to be in shape in order to get rid of the accumulated excessive fat , which we often refer as DOUBLE CHIN. RIGHT? This is where CHIN LIFT exercise has its role to play. It is very easy to do as you make use of the lips movements. It helps in giving much needed flexibility to the facial structure such as your throat, jaw and neck.

Perfect way to do this exercise:-

  • Tilt your head above and look at the ceiling
  • Pin point your eyes towards it
  • Tighten your lips and try kissing the ceiling for 10-15 seconds and then relax
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times

2. Fish Face exercise

Are you often fed up of the facial wrinkles or those sagging skin and you need a healthy, effective method? I am sure, many of you would have tried attempting to do such an exercise as part of how to reduce face fat home remedies. Yes, it is quite an enticing, funny and light-hearted exercise for cheeks which you can perform while doing any odd chores. Pleasantly, you can even perform while watching television. So, what does this exercise help you to attain?

Well, it tones your cheek muscles and lose facial fat too. Similarly, it is important to how to lose weight fast without exercises at home so that your personality can be enhanced from all angles and in this way, you don’t have to be concerned about your bulging stomach too. Isn’t it great?

How to perform?

  • Well, suck your cheeks and lips
  • Smile, we know, it will be hard, but try attaining a smiling posture for 5 -6 seconds
  • Repeat it 10-15 times


3. “Close your eyes tightly”  exercise

Have you been too obsessed with your face of late and are surrounded with anxiety? Well, if your face has grown up too fat, and that you are desperately looking for exercises to burn your calories, then “Close your eyes tightly” exercise will simply do the trick for you. Yes, you have now got to the answer to your query, how to reduce chubby cheeks at home.

How to perform “Close your eyes tightly”  exercise

  • Tightly shut your eyes, but here with the cheek muscles (by lengthening them) .
  • So much so, that you can well experience that there is a massive contraction of your facial muscles.
  • Do it for 10-15 seconds and repeat it for atleast 5-10 times daily.


4. “Blow air” exercise

Your childhood days would have been denoted by blowing air on the face of your friends as part of the never ending naughtiness, you have been through. Isn’t it? Now, with regards to how to reduce face fat home remedies, you need to re-live those moments but here for a healthier cause. Even as a grown-up have you ever been pinched on your face as a warm gesture by being referred as “cute” in the process and you were left with no option but to feel embarrassed. If yes, then DO SOMETHING AS IT IS NOW OR NEVER FOR YOU.  Yes, such an awesome exercise works extremely well in working your neck and facial muscles for removing facial fat. Specifically, your double chin too.

How to perform “Blow-Air” exercise

  • Slightly tilt your face upwards to the upper part of house, probably ceiling
  • Blow out air with full force for 10-15 times and repeat for another 10-15 seconds.
  • Now, you don’t have to ask again regarding how to reduce face fat naturally as this exercise has a direct impact on the overall structure by giving a healthier and natural aspect to your face which looks leaner, calmer and extremely captivating.


5. “Cheek Puff” exercise

Another one of the best ways of how to reduce face fat naturally is done by “Cheek Puff” exercise.

So, how to perform “Cheek Puff” exercise

  • Take deep breath to hold air in the cheeks and like A FOOTBALL
  • Transfer it to other cheek
  • Repeat this process many times on daily basis.



6. Jaw Release exercise

Do you know that a well carved jaw line simply increases the charm of the face manifolds? Yes, indeed. Hence, as you are in your quest of how to reduce face fat naturally, you will experience awesome cheekbones as well as noteworthy jawline.

How to perform the exercise

Simply move your jaws like you are actually chewing and repeat the process without opening your mouth. I mean, your lips need to be tight.

Take deep breath and repeat the process and as you exhale, you should create a humming sound. This process is dearly followed with opening your mouth wide while your tongue should be placed and pressed with the bottom teeth. Wait for 5 seconds and continue to breath in and breath out.

Repeat for 10-15 times and hold the process for 5-6 seconds in the process.



7. Sugar Free Gum Exercise

Sugar Free Gum Exercise also addresses your most important query of how to reduce face fat naturally

How should I perform Sugar Free Gum Exercise?

  • Chew the gum with a specific focus on your jaws
  • 20-25 minutes, all it takes for you to use sugar-free gum as a part of doing facial exercise to tone your face, by reducing calories





8. Lips Pull exercise (Pulling of lips)

When it comes to home-made exercise of losing face fat, then how can we overlook the beauty and importance of yoga.

Now, the query how to reduce face fat by yoga can be best addressed where you need to push your lower jaw so that the lower lips can be lifted. Although “chubbiness” in the face is usually removed with advancing age, yet, if it doesn’t go in your late 20’s, then this is one of the exercises  which you need. You can feel a degree of stretch right at your jaw-line as well as chin muscles. This process is extremely useful, as you are working your way towards how to reduce chubby cheeks at home as it gives a youthful exuberance by removing the unwanted and excess fat from your cheekbones by demarking your jawline in the process as well. Now, if you want to remove excess fat from your stomach, then don’t forget to check how to lose weight fast from stomach. 

How to perform Lips Pull exercise?

Push your lower jaw forward so that your lower lips can be lifted too

Process helps to create a distinguished jaw-line



9. Smile exercise

Attain a “smiling face” as it tightens the cheek muscles and while you are smiling, tighten your teeth for few seconds. Here, for a more meaningful result, don’t narrow or reduce your eyes


10. Blowing Balloon Exercise

Blowing Balloon results in toned cheeks, as it puts the muscles to task. Hence, amongst the ways of how to reduce face fat for men, this exercise has loads of significance.

How to perform Blowing Balloon Exercise?

  • Inhale air in order to blow air on balloon
  • Repeat the process of blowing a balloon for 10 times a day and within a week, you will find a marked difference for sure.


Other tips not to miss

  • Try to attain an expressive face
  • Be expressive in your day-to-day life and smile and laugh a lot. Believe me, you will experience a marked difference


Reduce intake of sodium

Are you fed up from possessing a ballooning face which is due to water retention? Well, simply reduce the intake of sodium which we often consume through junk foods or those with is processed in restaurants. Create a transformation in your diet by choosing leafy green vegetables in the form of  green beans, kale, lettuce, broccoli , spinach, and eggplant. Your diet equally have whole grains in the form of barley or brown rice. Yes, the best utility of the diet is that, it serves dual purpose. Yes, it equally helps you to know the best way to lose weight fast from stomach


Hydrate your body

Do you know that the CHUBBINESS in your face is greatly removed or reduced by drinking lots of water? Yes, especially as you searching for how to reduce face fat naturally as in this way, it reduces face fat by removing the body toxins. Additionally, cold water burns calories


Your hairstyle can help you achieve a coveted look (for women)

You need to create your hairstyle, depending on the type of face. Yes, this is also a part of an important exercise of how to get rid of chubby cheeks naturally. If you have long hair, don’t grow it past the chest and LAYER YOUR HAIR.  Try creating few curves around your face.

As you are looking for how to lose face fat fast in a week, you need to increase the intake of proteins as it has the tendency of making you “fuller” which you can get through white-meat chicker, lean steak or fish.

You have attained the most perfect face through which you can feel proud of. Now, it is the time for you to attain the most perfect body, by removing he extra fat. Know how to lose weight fast at home.


Finally, while going through the aforesaid post, you now know so many how to reduce face fat home remedies, and that’s exactly will help you create a pleasant change in your life. What more do you need, when they don’t cost you at all. These simpler exercise of how to reduce chubby cheeks at home, has awesome effect on the face as they help in enhancing and improving elasticity of your facial skin by making the skin firm while you enjoy a new found face which has got a healthier, innovative and youthful look. Now, gone are the days, when you were subjected to be referred as the person with CHUBBY CHEEKS, DOUBLE CHIN etc, your smart face will now define your personality and be ready to gather accolades and appreciation from one and all, henceforth as well. Yes, your personality is additionally defined by the height you possess. So, you need to know the best ways of how to increase height naturally. Yes, this aspect will give you a much more confident look where you won’t just be having a presentable face, but an awesome height as well.

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